Beyond Intractability
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A new place to explore and discuss ideas for moving beyond the complex intractable conflict problems that so threaten human society.

Read-Write Contributors

How to Contribute Your Ideas

Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess

Anyone who has a serious interest in the topic (and access to the Internet) is welcome to contribue to this MOOS. We hope you will join us!  This includes people from inside and outside traditionally-defined peace and conflict fields.  We are particularly interested in involving those are thinking about  "wicked" problems, complexity and systems, as well as governance, development, human rights, criminal justice, and other “allied” fields. 
"Read-Only" Subscribers --- For those who simply want to browse the MOOS posts on the platform of their choice, and if a particular post interests them, click on the link to see the full post on Beyond Intractability, there are several options for doing this.  See the Contents Access page for details about those options.  While everyone is welcome to join us in this way, we encourage those who have something to contribute to become "read-write" contributors.

"Read-Write" Contributors --- The real key to the success of the MOOS concept will be our ability to persuade participants to actively contribute to the Seminars by (among other things):
  • Adding their own general comments to a discussion,
  • Offering examples of problems and solutions discussed in particular posts,
  • Citing the work of others who have addressed similar or related issues (though, perhaps using very different terminology),
  • Offering alternative ways of addressing the same general problem (participants should feel free to cite their own work),
  • Asking questions, requesting clarification, and warning about possible misunderstandings,
  • Identifying individuals and organizations working in a particular area, and
  • Offering constructive criticisms.
We do ask "Contributors" to use the Moving Beyond Intractability MOOS Comment system, rather than posting on another entry platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). This will keep all the discussions and new materials in one place, which will be much easier for everyone to follow, rather than having different discussions on each platform.  Some people may still post their responses on the individual sites and that’s okay–if we have the resources, we may try to get permissioin to pick these comments up and put them on MBI as well. But this is starting with almost no funding, so we may not be able to do much of that until outside funds are obtained.  So for those who really want to actively engage with other seminar participants, the BI platform is the place to do it. 

Confidentiality --- Since this is a public system, all contributions are public and on the record. Still, we would like to cultivate a safe space where people can feel free to raise tentative ideas without being held to those ideas. So, we ask (but obviously cannot guarantee) that participants refrain from quoting one another outside of the MOOS context without explicit permission from the person being quoted.
Required Beyond Intractability Registration, Username, and Password --- In order to protect the MOOS from being "spammed" and to prevent offensive or inappropriate posts, we require all contributors to register with Beyond Intractability and obtain a username and password (which is quick and free). Once logged in, registered users will have read/write access to the comment system (the general public has read-only access).  You will also be able to submit more extensive materials to be published on the MOOS (although these are subject to review before they are posted).  Click here to register.

Participantion Guidelines / Comment Screening --- We do not have the funding (now at least) to pre-screen all comments, so comments will be posed without review.  But if we or other users find comments to be offensive or inappropriate, we reserve the right to remove them and block the user from future posts.  (Posting guidelines, requiring basic civility and respect will be posted clearly on the site.) 

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