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MOOS June 2016 Status Update

Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess

Those of you who have been following our MOOS have probably noticed that it has been paused for awhile, except for occassional Supplemental Material related) posts with interesting conflicty related stories from the news.   We have run into some technical difficulties that diverted our attention temporarily, and highlighted the need to rework the entire computer system upon which the MOOS and Beyond Intractability is built.  Since we have very little funding to hire a lot of help, we have had to pause our substantive work to attend to the very important task of rebuilding the websites.  As soon as this is done (we're hoping for mid-July), we will resume the "beta test" phase of the MOOS.  
As you may know, goal of the MOOS seminars has been--and will continue to be--to outline the big ideas that have emerged from our (and others') 25-year inquiry into the intractable conflict problem and to open a discussion among those interested in helping to meet the challenge.  We learned a lot from out initial beta-test and we feel that we are much closer to the point where will be able to offer full (non-beta) version of seminars this fall.  We plan to continue with a second phase of the beta test program in late July which will include a substantial number of new posts outlining how what we know about intractable conflict might illuminate more constructive ways of addressing the deep divisions plaguing the United States and a great many other societies.
For those of you just finding us now, we believe that moving beyond today's big and highly intractable conflicts will only be possible if a lot more people can develop a much more sophisticated understanding of options for more constructively handling the scale and complexity of these conflicts. As our contribution to efforts to helping people do this,  this spring we launched a beta test of something that we are calling a Massive Open Online Seminar (MOOS) focused on these topics.  There are currently a set of 8 introductory posts and almost 20 substantive core posts that are available for watching and/or reading on the MOOS Seminar Contents page. There are many more "Supplementary Material" posts that focus on news items of interest. We will be continuing with the supplemental posts off and on (since they take a lot less time than the core posts) while we upgrade the computer system. 
Please request a "user account" if you want to be put on the mailing list to receive notices of when we resume new substantive posts and when we start version two this fall. (User accounts are currently advertised as the way to comment on posts, but it is also the best way for us to create a mailing list.  Making this clear is one of the changes coming this summer!
Thanks for your patience and interest!xx


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