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A new place to explore and discuss ideas for moving beyond the complex intractable conflict problems that so threaten human society.

Invitation and Welcome

Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess

Welcome to the MBI-MOOS!  MBI stands for "Moving Beyond Intractability" because this is a new project built on top of the long standing Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base with the goal of moving beyond the limits of current knowledge, and helping as many people as possible "move beyond" intractability in the conflicts they are involved in and care deeply about. 

MOOS stands for Massive Open Online SEMINAR (as opposed to course) in which we plan to explore -- with as many people as possible -- including YOU, we hope! -- the many intractable conflicts that seem to be tearing the United States and much of the rest of the world apart. We are deeply concerned about the level of violence evident in many current conflicts around the world, and the level of vitriol and extremism that we are seeing in our own country. It's not hard to imagine realistic scenarios in which things could spin out of control in really catastrophic ways.
But as many of us in the peace and conflict field know, there are alternatives to violence and vitriol.  We just need to help people -- lots and lots of people -- to recognize and try more constructive alternatives. And we experts need to come up with better ideas too, because our current approaches often aren't working as well as we would like.

Through this "MOOS," we want to engage as many people as possible -- peace and conflict experts as well as the broader community of people who are concerned about the state of their countries and the world -- in a conversation about what we can do, as individuals and institutions, to make things better.  We hope you'll join us by reading some of our posts -- and better yet, posting your own thoughts about these very important issues.

During the first half of 2016, we will be beta-testing the MOOS concept with an initial series of seminars while we develop plans and secure funding for a more extensive series of seminars this fall. Forgive us if things sometimes seem a bit rough – were still learning how to do this. We would also appreciate any Financial Support you might be able to provide. We have been doing this on a razor thin budget and we still need to raise an additional $10,000 to get us through the beta test and and major fundraising phases. 

Thanks for your interest and, if you find this valuable, please get involved.

Heidi and Guy

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