How to Participate in the MBI Seminars and Blogs


Heidi and Guy Burgess

Four Ways to Participate

There are four ways to participate in the MBI Seminars and blogs:  by Visiting, Following, Joining, and Contributing Content

  • Following implies a bit higher level of engagement, but how much higher is still entirely up to you. You can sign up to "follow" Moving Beyond Intractability on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, thereby seeing each post when it is released. There are two different ways to do this.  
  • MBI Selected Post List : Starting in October 2019, the Selected Post Stream will include all the posts from the new Constructive Conflict Seminar (which will include items from Conflict FrontiersConflict Fundamentals and Things YOU Can Do To Help), and occassional Colleague Activity and Beyond Intractability-in-Context Blog posts. Some will be posts originally posted earlier; many (of all three types) will be entirely new.  Use the following links to friend / follow / connect to the MBI MOOS on       .
  • All Post List:  Alternatively, you can use these networks to subscribe to "Beyond Intractability" to receive the full stream of posts from Beyond Intractability as well as from the BI in Context Blog and the Colleague Activities blogs as well. Use the following links to friend / follow / connect to Beyond Intractability on:        
  • MBI Newsletter: A third option is to sign up for the MBI  newsletter which comes out once every several weeks via email, and this will include all the posts since the last newsletter.  Use the following link to sign up for the newsletter: 

The same content is being posted on each of these networks. So, in theory, you only need to sign up for one. However, because of the complex algorithms the networks use to decide what  posts you actually see, you may miss some MOOS posts unless you actively visit the corresponding MOOS page on one of the social networking sites or on Beyond Intractability or Moving Beyond Intractability directly.

  • Give us Feedback: We have discontinued our formal discussion board due to lack of participation, but we still encourage readers and watchers to email us with their comments, which we are compiling and posting online (with or without attribution, as requested) every few weeks. Please, do let us know what you think about this material!
  • Contributing Content: In addition to contributing thoughts about our posts, we hope our colleagues will let us and our visitors learn about their work on related topics.  We will include items you send in our "Colleague Activities Blog" and if appropriate, many of them will be featured in our Constructive Conflict Seminar as well.

Search and Browse:

As the Seminars proceed and the volume of information covered continues to expand, the MOOS Search and Browse capabilities will become increasingly valuable. These tools provide an ability to search the full content of all MOOS posts and links. Users can also search and browse the supporting resources provided by the Conflict Information Consortium and, especially, the Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base with the same system.