Conflict Fundamentals Massive Open Online Seminar Series (MOOS) Combined Syllabi


The full Conflict Fundamentals Massive Open Online Seminar consists of a series of shorter seminars, organized into several different topic areas. Most, but not all, of these are drawn from the Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base.  We are working on updating each of these essays by putting a "current implications" section at the top of each Fundamentals essay, and also, of course, fixing anything in the original text that is now out of date.  We have not finished doing that, however, so some of these essays do not yet have the "Current Implications" update.

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Related Teaching Materials and Exercises: BI offers a varied set of materials for educators from middle school through graduate school: including, among others, information on using BI as a "virtual textbook," exercises and simulations, tutorials, syllabi, a student guide for successful group projects, and a teachers' guide to working with strong emotions in the classroom.

Low-Cost Textbooks

We ask educators who use Beyond Intractability as a major part of their courses or training programs to ask their students / trainees to donate roughly half of the cost of a comparable textbook. (For example, we ask our students to donate $5-$30 depending upon the amount of material used.) More information is available on our Using BI as a Textbook page.

A Note about Post Order:  We should note that this list is inherently linear, but this set of ideas is not linear. Rather, it is a web.  We have (as usual) had a very difficult time deciding what to post first, what later, what toward the end. So we will be presenting a lot of different ideas up front, and then circling back to them over time as we explore earlier ideas further and present related ideas that need to be linked to something that came before. On this page we present the posts in a "Table-of-Contents" order, meaning from the first to the last.  The Conflict Fundamentals Blog has the same posts, but like all blogs, lists the most recent post first.

Currently available seminars include: