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  • Search for Common Ground

  • Developing an attitude and means of achieving coexistence is key to overcoming many intractable religious, ethnic, and other intergroup conflicts. However, defining what coexistence is and how it can be achieved, is a challenge. Helen Chauncey, Angela Khaminwa, and Sarah Peterson all talked to us about their coexistence work with the NGO, The Coexistence Initiative. Some of their most useful insights are highlighted here; and more are available in their full interviews.

  • Henry R. Luce Professor in Human Dimensions of Global Change, Carleton College

  • Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Affiliate Professor of Conflict Analysis, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

  • Co-Director of the Program on Negotiations in the Workplace, Program on Negotiation, Harvard University

  • Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

  • Assistant Professor of International Politics, Fletcher School of Law, Tufts University

  • Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Dartmouth College and Former Secretary General of the International Peace Research Association

  • Director of Programming Strategies, National Office of the NCCJ (National Conference for Community and Justice)

  • Private Consultant. Formerly at the Institute of Conflict Analysis, George Mason University


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