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How to Stop Fighting
An interactive, seven-step tutorial for people involved in relationship conflicts. It invites users to "step through" fictitious (but very relatable) conflict scenarios, experimenting with potential approaches by each party. The tutorial offers helpful advice for de-escalating a conflict and making it more constructive, while warning users about approaches that may have the opposite effect.
Peacebuilding Simulation
A role-playing scenario that allows users to work, step-by-step, through a fictional ethnic conflict that plays out at the national and community level. Players can take any one of five "third side" roles to see how "ordinary people" can do extraordinary things to build peace in conflict-ridden communities.
Racial Conflict Simulation
A role-playing scenario that allows users to work, step-by-step, through a fictional racial conflict in a school setting from any of four very different viewpoints.
Understanding Environmental Problems: General Environmental Dispute Simulation
A simulation involving a full range of conflict-related issues within the context of a fictional environmental dispute.
Understanding Environmental Problems: The Interactive Environmental Framing Simulation
An online environmental conflict resolution training program, designed to introduce "framing" as a method of understanding and mitigating social policy conflicts surrounding sensitive environmental issues.

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