Beyond Intractability Newsletter History and Background Documents

The current iteration of the newsletter was developed (and jointly published on Substack) starting in fall of 2022 to encourage discussion about a controversial paper that Guy and Heidi Burgess wrote with Sanda Kaufman entitled "Applying conflict resolution insights to the hyper-polarized, society-wide conflicts threatening liberal democracies." That paper, published in May of 2022 in the Conflict Resolution Quarterly, was designed to stimulate discussion. We agreed with CRQ to host the discussion on Beyond Intractability and Substack simultaneously. We included, at the beginning of the 2022 BI newsletter page (not the Substack page) several framing articles in addition to our original CRQ article.  These included

Before fall 2022, we had posted and sent out 50 newsletters, starting in April of 2017.  We also had a Constructive Conflict Initiative Blog, and before that a Constructive Conflict Initiative / COVID-19 Blog with different articles that ran from April 2020 - December 2022.