Summary of "Learnings from the Nicaraguan/YATAMA Negotiations"

Summary of

Learnings from the Nicaraguan/YATAMA Negotiations

by MCS Conciliation Quarterly

Summary written by: Mariya Yevsyukova, Conflict Research Consortium

Citation: "Learnings from the Nicaraguan/YATAMA Negotiations." MCS Conciliation Quarterly. Spring 1988. V. 7, No. 2. Pp. 6-7.

This article presents an interview with John Paul Lederach about his work in Nicaragua in mediating the conflict between the Nicaraguan government and the Miskito Indians in 1987-1988.

One of the questions asked was why the Miskito Indians and East coast people in Nicaragua decided to negotiate with the Sandinista government which had oppressed them at the beginning of the revolution. According to John Paul Lederach, the Sandinista government recognized its mistakes and there was mutual awareness between the parties that war is an awful thing. People were exhausted by eight years of war and suffering. This was a moment of stalemate when everyone was willing to give up forceful means and work for peaceful resolution of their disagreements.